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BARInet is a bariatric surgery benefit program that is offered as part of your health plan coverage. Our suite of tools, services and dedicated Care Coordinators are available to help you when considering weight loss surgery. Then, if surgery is right for you, our care coordinators will connect you to top quality, local network providers to begin your journey. Our program will typically lower your out-of-pocket costs while improving the quality of care and overall experience.

BARInet is provided to you at no extra cost.
If your employer offers the program, you’re already enrolled.

Get top-quality, local care.

If you decide to have surgery, you want the best care possible. Our network of providers and hospitals have attained the highest quality care standards based on data from our proprietary underwriting database focused on quality outcomes. Our approved providers and hospitals have exceptional track records in clinical performance and patient satisfaction.

Cost savings and predictability.

Lower costs and fewer surprises for both employers and members with a transparent bundled pricing model (including readmission warranty) for covered procedures. These savings, which can be significant, are passed on to you.

Piece-of-mind knowing someone is there.

Our dedicated Care Coordinators are there to guide you toward your most informed decision.
If you are considering surgery, that’s when to contact BARInet. It’s important that you can start off with less anxiety and focus more fully on your treatment options.

Real Improvements. Real Results.

Actual results achieved by BARInet-covered plan members


Avg. Excess Weight Loss


Type 2 Diabetes Resolution


Hypertension Resolution

Depression Reduction

GERD Resolution

High Cholesterol Reduction

Sleep Apnea Resolution

Joint Disease Resolution

Fatty Liver Disease Resolution

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Patient Testimonials

Mary Nichols’ Bariatric Surgery Story

Danny Hernandez’s Bariatric Surgery Story

“One year in and 100 lbs down and my life is COMPLETELY changed for the better! I want everyone to be able to experience what I have! “

– Kristen Chasseur, Zappos Inc. Employee