What We Offer

The First Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Bundled Payment Solution for Employers.

Bundled Payment Model

Pre-negotiated, bundled case rates with an extended readmission warranty.

High-Performance Network

Access to Top Quality, Local Surgeons and Facilities

Care Concierge

Complete Customer Service & Care Coordination

As an add-on to your existing health benefits or an alternative to your current bariatric surgery benefit, our Bariatric Surgery Benefit Management Program is designed to:

Provide state-of-the-art surgical intervention for morbidly obese plan members

Yield better results through innovative plan design strategies and incentive programs

Integrate seamlessly within or along side current benefits

Reduce overall healthcare costs for plan sponsors and plan members

Real Results. Real Savings.

Actual results achieved by BARInet customers


Avg. Excess Weight Loss


Type 2 Diabetes Resolution


Hypertension Resolution

Depression Reduction

GERD Resolution

High Cholesterol Reduction

Sleep Apnea Resolution

Joint Disease Resolution

Fatty Liver Disease Resolution

What Our Patients & Clients Are Saying

Mary Nichols’ Bariatric Surgery Story

Danny Hernandez’s Bariatric Surgery Story

"As drug costs rise along with the prevalence of high-blood pressure and diabetes, this benefit can help the employees possibly reverse the medical conditions, and positively impacting the prescription claims of the employer."

- Amy Sutton, CBIZ Benefit Consultant